How Awareness Media Works

We all use coupons. We cut, download, bring in, or on-line capture some coupon for some product. We get to the counter, or online site, or drive through, and redeem our BOGO (i.e. Buy one - Get one), and leave. That is great. BUT, what if before they get their free whatever, they must SHARE that offer with their 5000 "friends" on Social Media? Wouldn't that be better? And we have more ideas....

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How to create a coupon.

This short tutorial is just the basic understanding of how to start taking personal control of your businesses marketing and advertising. Go ahead, play around with all the features. You will be amazed about all the functions this thing can do. "When I first discovered this program, I instantly started to think of all the ways that I could attract new clients and build my database."

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We help you get started with ideas that really work.

Our marketing department is constantly coming up with new ways to market on social media. We are always available to talk shop and assist you in building your brand.

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What is the YSO Merchant Dashboard?

A social media dashboard monitors your social media performance metrics like engagement, subscriber or follower count, and audience insights. Social media dashboards bring together metrics from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to display your social media marketing performance in a single view. When you track your metrics on a social media dashboard, you have quick access to insights that will help you make smart, data-driven marketing decisions.

Why Should I Use the YSO Merchant Dashboard?

A social media monitoring dashboard displays all of your metrics in a single view. Use your social media metrics to shape your marketing strategy, engage with your audience, increase your conversion rates, and generate revenue. Social media dashboards allow you to gain insight with a single glance and share your performance with your team so you can stay on top of your social media strategies.

How do I Create a YSO Merchant Dashboard?

Before you start building a social media dashboard, ask yourself these questions.

Who is the audience for the marketing dashboard?

What information do they need?

What do they already know about the marketing metrics?

What is their level of experience with marketing data?

These questions will help you narrow the scope of your dashboard and identify the top social media marketing metrics to track.

A well-designed social media dashboard will communicate a clear message, so create your dashboard based on your intended audience. From there, choose the right visualizations and ensure your dashboard is easy to read.

What Should be on My YSO Merchant Dashboard?

The top social media metrics for data-driven marketers include:


Content Engagement



Likes, Comments, and Shares

Post Clicks

Average Video Watch Time

Retweets and Mentions

Retweets and Mentions

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